About Our Fruit

With nearly 1,000 trees and 80 different varieties of fruit on our three-acre farm, we’re able to provide you with fresh, tree-ripened fruit all summer long. Because our motto is “fruit that tastes good,” we believe you should know the actual variety name of the fruit you like. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to find out what is ripe when!

In ripening order…


Saskatoon Berries

Also known as Service Berries or June Berries, they look like a blueberry, but are more closely related to the apple family so they have a unique taste. Ripening in early June, these berries are high in fiber, protein and antioxidants.



Sweet DArk, Blush, and Tart VARIETIES

We grow over twenty cherry varieties, some are experimental and others are just coming into production. In addition to the standard Bing, our favorite sweet dark red cherries include Cashmere, Kiona and Lapins. For blush cherries we grow the traditional Rainier as well as Early Robin and Royal Rainier. We also grow Balaton and Jubileum tart (pie) cherries.



From Earlitreat to Fairtime, we have peaches ripe from mid-June through the first week of October. Our favorites include Springcrest, Risingstar and Glohaven.



We have nectarines July through September. From Fantasia, a customer favorite, to the new Honey Haven and the traditional Red Gold, we’ve got you covered.



Our focus is on summer apples that come into production in late July and early August. Paul grafted our first apple trees using scion wood from his father’s orchard — Akane (pronounced a-connie), an heirloom variety also known as Tokyo Rose, developed in Japan in 1937. Sansa, a cross between Akane and Gala, is another favorite. We grow other early season apples as well as fall apples available through October.



Dapple Jack and Honey Punch are the two varieties of pluots we grow. A pluot is a cross between a plum and an apricot, giving you a piece of fruit that transcends the flavor of either parent. You don’t want to miss these when they are ripe in mid-August and early September!



We have several varieties of table grapes that are just coming into production.


…and some fall veggies, too!


To round out our late season offerings, we also grow some fall vegetables — broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage — with the help of daughter and son-in-law at Mahler Ridge Farm.