The vision for our farm came about for several reasons. First, Paul grew up as a farm boy in the Columbia Basin. Our property is part of what was his parents' last farm. Second, we wanted to use our small hillside acreage to its best advantage, so we decided to plant fruit trees. Third, we wanted our children to benefit from our venture. It's how they learned the value of hard work and earned money for their college education.

We planted our first trees in 1997 and took our first fruit to the market in the summer of 2001. We have steadily increased our operation and now serve both the Pasco and Richland Farmers Markets on a regular basis. We also attend other local markets.

Ours is a family operation, which means we do all the work ourselves. Paul takes care of the trees when he isn't working his day job. The rest of us help with harvesting and selling the fruit, at times recruiting extended family members or friends. We have just over one acre of cherries and nearly another two acres of apples and soft fruit --peaches, nectarines and pluots-- as well as a few grape varieties. We are not a commercial orchard that takes fruit to a packing house; we sell directly to you, the consumer, at local farmers markets.

Interacting with our customers on market days is the best! It is our privilege to bring you fresh, local produce. We have a number of unique varieties not found in any grocery store. Our motto is: Fruit that tastes good! We aim to pick our fruit as ripe as we can and still transport it safely to the market. We offer samples, so you can "try it before you buy it".